Dental and oral surgery services

General, Conservative and Aesthetic Dentistry, Periodontology, Prostheticspreparation of a complex treatment plan, periapical X-ray, focal localization, tooth extraction

  • preparation of a complex treatment plan, periapical X-ray, focal localization, tooth extraction
  • light-curing aesthetic filling, fiberglass pin (filling reinforcement), parapulpic pin stabilization
  • temporary filling, root canal treatment, root canal filling
  • inlay gradia, inlay porcelain, inlay gold / gold porcelain concealment
  • tartar removal and polishing per mandible and maxilla
  • treatment of mucosal disease
  • gingivectomy, fluoride varnish treatment of cervical dentin hypersensitivity
  • aesthetic bridges, crowns, zirconium / press ceramics with CAD/CAM technology, removable and combined dentures: porcelain crown fired on gold frame, porcelain jacket crown or shell, porcelain bridge on zirconium oxide frame, invisible anchorage with mini locks (Czeka)
  • complete denture with articulation (Ivoclar, from Michelangelo teeth)
  • oral hygiene and prevention
  • orthodontics with a fixed device (mini metal bracket, ceramic or fiberglass bracket, self-ligating bracket), with removable devices
  • teeth whitening at home, teeth whitening at the dental office (Zoom 2. professional, Beyond), internal whitening of teeth with treated root canal
  • Adhesive bridge without polishing (replaces a 3-unit bridge), porcelain crown / bridge
  • invisible, fine mechanical anchorages
  • stump construction with fiberglass pin or ceramics
  • Temporary crown, unit (immediately from the office)
  • professional tooth preparation technique

Implantation and Oral Surgery

  • complete dental implantation (tooth implantation)
  • bone replacement / Augmentation
  • membrane, extraction, complicated extraction
  • third molar removal
  • root apex removal, periapical curettage
  • oral surgery procedures
  • sinus lift surgery

Pediatric Dentistry

  • sealing of pit and fissure
  • preventive, oral hygiene education combined with practice (half an hour)
  • filling of primary teeth
  • treatment of accidentally damaged (broken, dropped) teeth

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