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Dr. Zöld Gábor

Let me introduce the services of RelaxDent Implant Clinic dentistry to you. I think it would be insincere to praise ourselves to the skies, however tempting that may be, since it is actually your job to qualify us. Therefore, I will only share specific facts and the documentation of our works with you. Our colleagues working in our dental office in Budapest are all highly qualified dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians, who have set the standard for themselves, according to which the highest praise is the recognition received from you! So take a short walk on the website of our dentistry and if you think that the facts have convinced you and we have won your trust, please feel free to put aside your fears and register. After all, a healthy, beautiful white smile makes you confident both in your private and professional life!

Dr. Zöld Gábor dentist

Dr. Zöld Gábor signo

Creative Dentists

We constantly take part in practical trainings. We learn from the best to become even better. Please do not be deceived by the young age of our colleagues. Proper knowledge and practice are crucial in our dentistry!

Painless Treatments

Various anaesthetics and techniques stay are available, so that we can treat you absolutely painlessly. Anaesthesia is also an option if necessary.

Long-term Guarantee

We are not just making promises, but also prove that we do our work to comply with the highest expectations: our dental treatments come with an extraordinarily long guarantee period.


A Modern Dentistry with a Modern Concept

Is is You, who is at the heart of modern dentistry, not the teeth, not the dentist, not the dental treatment, but the perfect harmony of the above-mentioned details for your satisfied smile. Our possibilities are almost limitless, you just have to exploit them. We encourage you to throw away your habitual fears concerning dentists and dental clinics. Once you have taken the initial steps, we will prove that we are worthy of your trust.

And what does a modern dentistry look like? Let us give you a glimpse.

The Dentistry of Tranquility: A pleasant and clean environment, a peaceful air-conditioned waiting room, quiet music, coffee, mineral water - small amenities, with the help of which we wish to ease the tension of waiting. Everyone arrives at our dentistry located in an easily accessible part of Budapest by appointment, so your waiting time is reduced to the minimum.

Painless Dentistry: We pay maximum attention to creating pain-free conditions in our dental clinic. Even the discomfort of anaesthesia can be avoided with the help of state-of-the-art high-pressure aspirating syringes. Lidocaine is history. We can offer 7 different types of high-potency analgesics so that we can always use them to adapt to the given situation. Treatments are also available under anaesthesia at our dentistry if appropriate.

Aesthetic Dentistry: An unnoticeable dental procedure is both the aim of our dentists and their greatest praise. Whether it is the simplest dental filling, crown, bridge, denture or implantation, the best feeling is when you are praised by your friends and acquaintances not the dentist, as the end result bears a striking resemblance to the original! The possibilities offered by our dentistry: MPRESS ceramic, zircon bridge, crown, plasma teeth whitening, realistic tooth constructions, fillings.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry: In case of limited absence of teeth no grinding is needed on your adjacent healthy teeth. In our dental clinic we will find the appropriate solution so that we can replace the missing tooth via the least demanding dental procedure: Adhesive fixed partial denture, Implantation.

Implant Dentistry: As if you were getting the original back. You can forget about the sight of dentures set in a glass! With the help of dental implant treatments performed at our dentistry you can regain the comfort provided by a fixed denture, have a broad smile and enjoy the taste of delicious meals again.

I believe that the combination and harmony of the dental treatments mentioned above ensure the human-centred approach of modern dentistry.
And do not forget: well-groomed white teeth make you confident both in your private and your professional life.

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Creative experienced dentists

We provide you with state-of-the-art dental treatments.

Painless dentistry

We use the latest medicaments and techniques of anaesthesia.

Relistic dentures, dental implants

Get back your beautiful, bold and radiant smile without any restraints.

Comprehensive oral surgery

Routine surgeries and more serious dental procedures with expertise.

About us - Thank you!

We gladly hear about your opinion and if you give us your consent, we publish it on our website. Read what others think about us.

How satisfied were you with your dentist?

In addition to the high quality of our work, the satisfaction of our patients is also very important to us. If you have already had a dental treatment with us, please tell us your opinion about us and our work.

  • Dr. Zöld Gábor
    fog- és szájbetegségek szakorvosa, rendelővezető fogorvos

    "Nem tudnám felidézni, hogy miért lettem fogorvos, de ha újra döntenem kellene, ugyanígy tennék."

  • Dr. Bihari Edina
    fogorvos, implantációs protetika

    "Semmihez sem hasonlítható, mikor kezelés után átadjuk a tükröt a páciensnek, és meglátjuk az első mosolyát."

  • Dr. Toma Szilveszter
    fogorvos, fémmentes protetika

    "Kár lenne olyasmire pazarolni az időt, amit nem szeretünk."

  • Bolvári Dóra
    dentálhigiénékus, asszisztens

    "Jobb már akkor kezelni a komoly problémákat, mikor azok még nem komolyak."

  • Katona Borbála
    dentálhigiénékus, asszisztens

    "A siker érdekében akkor is tovább kell menni, mikor mások már megálltak."

  • Kiszler Szandra
    dentálhigiénékus, asszisztens

    "Nehéz úgy sikereket elérni, ha az ember nem teljes szívéből dolgozik értük."

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