Implantation, Tooth Implantation

What is dental implantation?

Dental implantation is nothing more than tooth implantation. During implantation an artificial root is planted in the place of the tooth, which will fix the denture. The material of the artificial root, and usually also that of the denture, is titanium, on which the white ceramic coating is applied. This metal has been used in medicine for years for implants, such as hip or knee prostheses.

What are the benefits of implantation?

Implantation replaces the lost piece so that the other teeth are not burdened with an extra load. With dental implants denture movement and distortion due to the absence of teeth can be avoided. The other teeth do not need to be polished, milled or damaged in any way – still it is important to perform fillings and other tooth-retaining treatments before the procedure.
The artificial root inserted during dental implantation also preserves the health of the jawbone. Bone that has become toothless often regresses and starts to decay due to disuse. With implantation the dentist can restore the chewing ability of the area by up to 90-95%. The artificial root transmits the forces generated during chewing to the bone, so it always stays intact due to the constant stimulus and good blood supply. This can play a major role in subsequent treatments and dentures.

Is tooth implantation possible in all cases?

Tooth implants can usually be used for any tooth absence if the tissues are intact enough and the patient’s state of health allows the procedure. Before dental implantation it is absolutely necessary to eliminate inflammation of the oral cavity and other dental problems that have an impact on the result. A preliminary health check is carried out when treating allergic patients and we perform dental implantation being fully aware of the results and by taking them into consideration.

Register at us for a preliminary consultation and health check electronically or via phone, so we can make sure, whether implantation is the best solution for you.

Is tooth implantation painful?

Dental implantations, just like any of our other dental or oral surgeries, are performed under complete anaesthesia. According to our patients’ feedback they feel only a slight pressure at the site of the surgery, so they know that the dentist is working on their gingiva. After the implantation most of them report the following: when they returned home, they felt that the effect of surgical pain relief was gradually gone, so they took a single pill. Most of our patients do not need yet another pill on the day after the dental implantation. Complications occur in only a few cases, but we found that the healing time is only up to 4-5 days in those cases as well.

What do you need to take care of after the implantation?

Perfect oral hygiene should be maintained following the dental implantation. This means brushing teeth 3-4 times a day, regular dental check-ups, tartar removal every 3-4 months and teeth whitening.

How long does the implant last?

According to the literature the chances of rejection of dental implants inserted during the implantation are around 2%. We experience a better proportion than that in our practice: only a couple of thousandths of our patients who have had implantation had a problem with the implanted tooth.

Implants do not require replacement with proper care, they last forever. However it is necessary to replace the superstructure placed on them every 15-20 years. With proper attention and motivation, the implant can serve you even for the rest of your life.

If you are dissatisfied with your old implant or experience some disorder, ask for an appointment from us for a personal consultation. If we start treatment on time, there is a good chance that the damage will be reversible.

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