The Most Important Information About Our Dental Treatments

Our Dental Treatments in a Nutshell - Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Oral Surgery

We provide high quality dental care at our dentistry. Our colleagues are all highly qualified, highly experienced professionals and our dental technology background is reliable and complies with the international standards. In our work we strive to ensure that those who turn to us leave with the best possible results at the cost of the least possible discomfort.

We believe that dental treatment can only be successful with your cooperation. We consider our patients to be partners in dental procedures and this relationship obliges us to keep those who turn to us fully informed about each and every step we take. Maximum painlessness and the shortest possible waiting time are essential requirements for us.

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Why Choose Us?

  • High quality dental care from our recognized specialists
  • Comprehensive, absolutely painless treatments
  • Almost uniquely a three-year guarantee
  • Only quality Swiss, German, Japanese materials used (3M-ESPE reference practice)
  • Minimum planned waiting time
  • Accurate, reliable dental background
  • Treatment of allergic patients based on a preliminary examination
  • We take great care to keep you informed about the treatment and its possible alternatives
  • Individually patterned realistic teeth, so that the finished denture adapts to your personality both with its colour and shape.
  • Painless dental procedures in all areas of dentistry.
  • Zirconium ceramic prostheses, shells, tooth implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry headed by Dr. Gábor Zöld, dental office manager.
  • Dental implantation (tooth implants): Cam-log, Pit-easy.
  • Aesthetic dentistry: 3M, Gradia.
  • Teeth whitening: Beyond white.


Our dentists strive to cause as little pain as possible during the procedure. This is ensured not only by state-of-the-art anaesthesia procedures, but also by working exclusively with modern methods with minimal destruction. The patient is thoroughly informed about everything and the process of the dental procedure before oral and dental treatments. A stress-free, friendly environment helps our patients to relax, making a faster recovery and easier treatment possible.

At our dentistry we perform the most important oral surgeries under complete anaesthesia, striving for perfect painlessness. Our services include tooth extraction, third molar removal, the removal and opening of unerupted teeth and the treatment of gingival diseases.

Tooth implantation, also known as implantation, is one of the most modern dental procedures. During tooth implantation we build an artificial root in the periodontium and build an implant that perfectly resembles the original tooth. This procedure helps to maintain the health of the periodontium and replaces the tooth without straining the surrounding areas.

completely harmless. You can also ask for the Beyond White method at our dentistry, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. During Beyond White teeth whitening, we illuminate the teeth treated with a whitener with a halogen lamp. The bright tone achieved with this method can be preserved even for several years.

Orthodontics can now be performed effectively and aesthetically in adulthood. After carefully assessing your needs, our dentists look for a solution that will regulate your teeth in the most discreet and effective way possible. After our treatments your teeth can be cleaned easier, they become more aesthetic and healthier.

We are absolutely prepared for the treatment of children and we can fully comply with their special needs at our dentistry. We strive to provide a soothing and painless environment even for the smallest ones. We have a remarkable practice in treating various injuries from accidents and taking care of complicated cases, while taking the special needs of the little ones into account.


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